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John Bolos
John Bolos

Dear Real Estate Agent,

Have you been working at a brokerage for a few years, but you feel like your success has plateaued? Maybe you’re trying to make it work as a solo agent, but it’s more difficult than you initially thought it would be.

Many brokerages promise to provide structure, coaching, and other resources but fail to make good on their word once they’ve drawn you into the fold. The truth is that real estate is a difficult career. If you don’t have the right guidance, it’s easy to begin thinking the job isn’t for you.

The reason so many agents drop out of the business in a few years is simple: most agents need structure in order to succeed. There really is no other business like real estate, so people can’t train you like it’s just another job. Without following a system, you’re essentially just winging it. To maintain success as an agent, you need training, support, mentorship, accountability, and leads. Some brokerages only offer a few of these resources, while others don’t offer any.

People get into real estate for plenty of good reasons: Paying bills, providing for your family, living a free lifestyle, etc. Without the right group, many people end up going back to working for their old boss again within a few years.

If you are one of these agents who feel stuck, or if you are a solo agent ready to take advantage of what a good team has to offer, we’re here for you. Almost every successful agent has been in your shoes at some point or another.

My name is John Bolos, and I have an offer for you. I’ve seen countless agents with a great work ethic fall victim to a lack of structure and planning. At the end of the day, hustling doesn’t work if you don’t have a good plan. My team is willing to offer you more support than any other brokerage in the country. We’ll help you direct your effort, tell you how to generate leads, and give you the structure to build your business.

Let me be a little more specific about what we offer:

  • High-Quality Leads
  • 24-Hour Support
  • In-Person Training (No video gauntlets)
  • The Ability To Create Your Own Leads
  • Training, Support, Mentorship, and Accountability

Our program offers consistent, predictable success. No more lying awake at 3:00 A.M. wondering where your next paycheck will come from. No more questioning why your hard work isn’t paying off. My program provides structure with clear, achievable goals that when met, will net you income guaranteed.

Any brokerage can offer you leads, but not all of them are created equal. You may be on a team right now that throws plenty of leads your way, but you can never seem to convert on them. It’s probably not your fault. Many teams give new agents cheap Facebook leads with awful conversion rates. Meanwhile, we vet our leads to make sure they are quality every time. Don’t take our word for it: Most leads have a conversion rate of 0% or 1%. Our leads have a conversion rate of 5% to 7%.

We’ve had plenty of experiences where agents who were struggling elsewhere found success with our team. Take Sarah, for instance. She was a single mom when she started her career, and in her first year she did two transactions. To make things worse, both of them were with her parents. Her biggest problem was finding consistent, quality leads, so when she joined the JBG team, her turnaround was fast. Not only was she doing more transactions, but she also received the training and support to maintain a good work-life balance as a mother.

This is a great success story, but frankly, it’s unexceptional. When people join our team, they are consistently amazed by the quality of our leads and training. If you join our team with previous experience, you’ll be doing transactions in no time. Meanwhile, new agents can expect to be signing contracts within 30 days of joining.

At the end of the day, my guarantee for you is this: our leads and training are a few steps above the competition. If you are coachable and follow our guidelines, you will find success. You will start by receiving around 20 high-quality leads a month. As your conversion rate increases, you get more leads, more business, and more money.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another night worrying where your next paycheck will come from. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin reaping the benefits. Let’s have a conversation today.

I look forward to hearing from you!

John Bolos

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